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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 12th March 2021

Talk Homework: This week we have been starting to plan our own version of our Power of Reading Book, Rapunzel by Beth Woollvin. Your talk homework this week is to talk to your adults at home about your own version of the story of Rapunzel. Tell them all about your characters in your story (the goodie and the baddie!) and start to think about the plot for your story - how your goodie and baddie meet, and how they plan to defeat the Witch! We can't wait to hear what you come back with :). 

Well, what a week! The children have come back into school with smiles on their faces and are settling nicely back into the classroom, despite it being very different from learning at home - we are so glad to be back together again!

This week we have really enjoyed learning about our twisted tale of Rapunzel by Beth Woollvin. The children have made their own characters for their own version of the story (both good and bad, with lots of amazing adjectives) and have come up with their own ways to defeat the witch - we pushed the children even further and they've now written some super character descriptions independently to see how they are getting on with their writing!

The children have been super creative with their lines of symmetry and made some special cards this week. They have absolutely loved being outside in our PE learning where we have been practising our throwing and catching, although we had to fight the wind! We've been really busy continuing our learning on shape, the children are now experts at both 2D and3D shapes and know some of their properties! 

The boys have loved being back together at break and lunchtimes! Finally, we received a very special letter from David Attenborough, thanking us for writing our letters before Christmas!

We hope you have a restful weekend and look forward to continuing our journey back to normality next week.

Best wishes,

Thunberg Class