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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Queen Ellizabeth ll

Welcome to Queen Elizabeth 11 Blog.

On this page you will find out what we have been up to each week! Enjoy reading about us.

Friday 12th October

Maths In maths we have been looking at number bonds, number lines and ordinal numbers. We have had lots of races with teddies and dinosaurs! (Olly, Cain and Remy)

English  We have been reading a new book called 10 things i can do to help my world. We have looked at how to care for our environment and made some posters to encourage people to look after our world. (Sebastian)

Science we have labelled our body parts including the parts we use for out 5 senses. (Betsy)

Spanish We learnt how to ask how are you and how to reply with good, bad or ok. (Iris)

Friday 5th October

Maths We have been learning about ordering numbers using symbols  < > and =. We remember that the crocodile always eats the greatest number. (Iris)

English We have researched all about crocodiles and written a fact file about them. (Ella)

Science We have been using our sight sense to look carefully at different objects and do some observational drawings.

Phonics This week the sounds we have looked at are air, ear and ure.

History We have been designing our own cars and talking about wheels and axles. We will be making our cars next week (Betsy)

RE  We have written a thank you to God the creator. 

Friday 28th September

Maths In maths we have been using the vocabulary - Fewer, less, equal to, same as, greater than and more than. (Riley)

English We finished reading the book 'How to find Gold' and we created freeze frames to show part of the story. We have also been sequencing the story and retelling it in groups.

Science In science we have used our 5 senses to look at and sort different fruits and vegetables. (Ida)

Phonics This week we have looked at the sounds ur, oi and ow

History  For our transport topic we did a survey of the different types of transport which went past our classroom window. (Remy)

Spanish We have been researching the country of Spain

PE In PE we have been learning rugby skills and in gymnastics we have been jumping.

Friday 21st September

Maths In maths we have been counting back from 20 and looking at 1 more and 1 less. (Jack)

English We made short poems which we recited in front of the rest of the class. (Lucie)

Science This week we went outside to investigate sound (Riley)

Phonics This week we have looked at the sounds or, oo and ar

History  From our transport topic we have been looking at old and new cars and the differences between them. (Remy)

Spanish In Spanish we have been learning all the different ways to say hello. (Iris)

RE  We looked at, organised and drew the creation story (Sebastian)



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