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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Florence Nightingale

Welcome to Florence Nightingale's class page!


Homework -


Daily reading

Talk homework - To talk about what you would tell UG about how you live today.

In PE we have been doing Tag rugby and I enjoy it because it is a fun sport (James).

I have enjoyed Comprehension this week using a non-fiction text front cover and contents page, to answer key questions (Leyla).

I have enjoyed doing a creative piece of textured art work about the 'Stone Age' village Skara Brae (Georgia).

Nightingale Class and Mrs Romaine : )


Homework -


Daily reading

Talk homework - Talk about and compare your life and Ug's in the 'Stone Age'.

I am enjoying learning our new skill of focusing on one thing (our breath) in our 'Brain break' sessions (Aimee).

In PE we have made fantastic progress in learning the Haka and are transforming into amazing warriors (Jonathan).

In English we have got a new text 'UG' and he is a 'Stone Age, Genius Boy'.

I have enjoyed doing Comprehension this week (James).

In Mathematics we are learning column subtraction and I have enjoyed playing the 'Rocket Maths' subtraction game.

Nightingale class and Mrs Romaine : )


Homework -


Daily reading

Talk homework -  To talk about the history of the Haka.

I have enjoyed doing the Haka this week, we are learning the actions and words. Next we are going to use our warrior faces (Charlie).

We are all making sure we do a regular AR quizzes on the books we are reading, Well done to everyone that has passed them (Jessie).

In English we have done our comprehension today and been able to answer some questions about a text (Maisie).

This week in Topic we made sure we were more confident in putting each 'age' in the correct chronological order (Adam).

On Monday we all went to church to celebrate harvest festival and as a class we performed a harvest dance and made ourselves into corn or a combine harvester (Ruby).

We have now finished our text of 'The Pebble in my pocket' and we have written a character description of the 'Stone Age' boy in the story (James).

Mrs Romaine and Nightingale class : )


Homework -


Talk homework - To talk about what erosion is. Also, how and where it takes place.

Daily reading

I have enjoyed English this week as we all became 'Stone Age' animals and wrote a diary entry all about our day, describing the landscape and our adventures (Georgia).

In art we climbed into our own caves, and on paper underneath the tables we created our own cave artwork, using bold lines and blending skills (Molly).

We have been learning about counting in multiples of 50's and doing a range of fun, active activites (Ethan).

Mrs Romaine and Nightingales : )



Talk homework - Talk about and remember the parts of the brain and their functions.


Daily reading

In Music we are learning to play the recorder, so far we have learnt the note A, B and G (Georgia).

We have been learning our 3 times tables and learning the Number Jacks song to help us with this (Mickey).

We are really looking forward to the fete and hope to see you all there (Grace).

In PE we are learning how to perform the Haka and we are really enjoying the faces we have to pull (Leyla).

In Mathematics we are learning about using the symbols that represent greater than, less than and equal to

 (< > =) (Isabella).

We have used a text 'On the move' in our comprehension lesson and this helped us to learn and understand more about transport and fright (Maya).

Mrs Romaine and Nightingale class : )



Talk homework - What do you think life was like in the 'Stone Age'?

Mathletics - Matheletics has been set and all the children have their passwords stuck in reading diaries.

Reading - We have all start on our reading programme Accelerated Reader (AR). Our target is to pass our quizzes this half term.

Welcome back!!!

We have had a great first week back. I have enjoyed our arithmetic lessons (Mickey), developing our addition and subtraction knowledge.

In Mathematics I have enjoyed learning about place value (Leyla) and we are now learning to partition three and four digit numbers.

Our first Science topic is 'Rocks', I have enjoyed exploring the rocks with a magnifying glass (Georgia).

Topic this half term is the 'Stone Age'. We were able to order events chronologically, doing a human timeline (Nathaniel).

In English we have chosen our new Power Of Reading text, 'The pebble in my pocket'. We have enjoyed starting to explore what is changing; and the journey pebbles go on (Oliwia).

Mrs Romaine and Nightingale class : )

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