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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Amelia Earhart

Friday 12th October


Mathletics, reading and talk homework.

Talk homework - Discuss, as though you were telling Ug, how you live today compared to in the stone age.

Art - we enjoyed creating a collage using a range of materials. Our focus was Skara Brae, however we were able to produce whatever we wanted. It was up to us!

Charlotte enjoyed maths - she liked learning column addition and subtraction. Regrouping was challenging but we did it.

This week, Mrs Mayes challenged us to create a piece of music using body percussion. Paige really enjoyed it because it was fun and it sounded really cool.

Ben enjoyed Big Maths Beat That. Mrs Anderson was so impressed as so many children beat their score - almost doubling in some cases.

Greta has had a good time in English - particularly comprehension. She enjoyed going off to the library to choose and explore the features of a text.

Terrance enjoyed today's assembly as he received 'Learner of the week'.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Earhart class

Friday 5th October

Homework -


Daily reading

Talk homework - Talk about and compare your life and Ug's in the 'Stone Age'.

I enjoyed lunchtime because I started a new club with Terry (Ben).

I enjoyed drawing myself as a warrior for the Haka (Terry).

In PE we are learning to play tag rugby (Greta).

I enjoyed doing the Haka because it makes me feel good (Alex).

In Mathematics this week we have done a Maths quiz on place value (Ana).

We are able to develop our reading skills by quiet reading, I enjoyed this today (Sophia).

Earhurt Class

Friday 28th September

What a busy week we have had. We started the week with a special trip to church to celebrate our harvest festival. We worked so hard on our poetry performance and delivered it to everyone on Monday - with actions!!

We worked hard in maths to learn column addition. We did lots of practical activities to help us with our learning and are now able to add 3 digit numbers to 1 digit numbers - with and without crossing the tens.

In English, we wrote a character description of a boy from the stone age. We also thought about what life must have been like during this time and drew a mural on the walls in the style of cave art.

In Spanish, we have been learning sport vocabulary. We looked at different verbs and how we would use these to describe what sports we play.

In Music, Mrs Mayes has been teaching us the recorder and we are able to play a tune in an ensemble.

We finished the week with show and tell. We read two letters from the tooth fairy, saw several rocks and some brightly coloured animals that had been made at home in an art project.

What a lovely way to end the week!

Have a lovely weekend.

Earhart class

Friday 21st September

This week, we have been playing Tag rugby with Miss Lizell. It was fantastic! We felt exhausted afterwards. We have also been learning 'The Haka'. We are so fierce!

In RE, we enjoyed learning about 'The Creation Story'. We learned how God made the world and how Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the knowledge tree. We acted out the events in groups of four and we performed them to the class.

We have also enjoyed learning the poetry for church. We amazed ourselves at how quickly we managed to learn the words and actions.

We wrote our Independent Write on Wednesday. It was a diary entry from an animal from many years ago. We then edited our work on Thursday. It was the first time we have tried this in Year 3 and Mrs Anderson was very impressed. 

In maths, we have played lots of interactive games, both indoors and outdoors, to help consolidate counting in 50's.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing many of you in church Monday.

Friday 14th September 

We are very excited today as we are all going to try to raise lots of money for our school at the school fayre. We will all have the opportunity to run a school stall. We have come in non school uniform and look colourful and snazzy! 

We enjoyed maths today because we played games on the computer to test our knowledge of ordering numbers. Mrs Anderson was very impressed. We are also hard at work learning our 4 times table by playing bingo.

In PE, we are learning to play rugby. We worked on our passing skills with Lizell. Everyone managed to score a try.

In English, we enjoyed our reading comprehension this week because we learned about different types of transport and the role they play in moving people and freight around the world.

In Spanish, we recapped on our animals. For some of us, this was the first time we learned to speak a foreign language and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Welcome to Earhart class!! We have learnt so much this week. We are exhausted!

In Maths, we have been learning about place value in numbers up to 1000. We have partitioned our numbers to help us understand their value better. Mrs Anderson is really impressed with our knowledge.

We have also enjoyed our music lesson this week as we are learning to play the recorder. We learned the notes A, B and G.

In P.E, we are very excited as we are learning a new dance. More details to follow........... We also enjoyed our first lesson with Lizell learning Endball. 

We have been using our art skills to draw volcanoes using oil pastels. They were explosive!

In Topic - History, we looked at timelines so that we could identify when the Stone Age first began. It also gave us a better understanding of other periods in history and when they occurred.

We have enjoyed getting to know each other and spending our first week together. We are going to learn lots and have lots of fun this year.


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