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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Serena Williams

Welcome to Serena Williams’ class blog. We’ve already been working really hard this year…


In English this week we have still been reading Tom’s Sausage Lion and we’ve been describing how Tom’s been feeling. We wrote a diary entry about his first day back at school since seeing the lion. It was a really rubbish day (for Tom, not for us writing the diary!)

In maths we have been focusing on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.

In art we’ve been doing paintings for the harvest assembly. We used lots of different tools such as cotton buds, rocks, and other stuff as well as the normal paint brushes. We also used different techniques such as dots, prints and bleeding. We came up with our own ideas and will show them in church on Monday.

Our Learner of the Week this week is Martha.


This week in maths we were learning about Roman Numerals. We were AMAZING at it! Mr B didn’t think we’d be anywhere near as good as we were! We really surprised him. We know what XCVIII means. Do you? What about LIV?

In English we’ve been reading and working on Tom’s Sausage Lion. We thought from the title that it would be a silly book, but it’s not. We all like the book so far.

In science we have been planning out an experiment to see what is not good for our enamel. We’re testing using egg shell, not real teeth, and will do the investigation next week. We all think that either coke, ice cream or pure sugar will be the worst.

Our Learner of the Week this week is Logan.



In English we talked about our holidays and we had to write a plan and story about our favourite part. Mr B was really impressed with our handwriting and with the detail we put in our plans.

In maths we’ve been recapping things we learned in Year 3. We were all great at adding and subtracting but we found the multiplying a bit tricky to start with. By the end of the week we were brilliant at multiplying 2-digit numbers. Some of us even multiplied a 2-digit number by a 3-digit one!

Our new topic for the year is the Romans. We don’t know much yet but we do know that most of the time they did not get defeated – except when they came to Britain and fought the Celts who defeated them twice (although the Romans won in the end).

Our Learner of the Week for week 1 was Tom. Our Members of Buckden Parliament are Olivia and Corbyn. Our Collective worship team is Seb and Bea. We also have our first pen pass of the year: well done to Ya Ting.

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