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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 18th June 2021

Talk homework: Please have look at home and find any books that you have with dragons in them. Choose one and if you are allowed, bring it into school next week to share with us!

Next week is Science week! We will be creating collages of flowers that grow from seedlings and bulbs. Please save any yellow recyclable materials that you have at home and send your child into school with them. Any shades of yellow would be fantastic, and packaging could include crisp packets, cereal boxes, sweet packets, etc. Please ensure that the packaging has been cleaned before sending it into school. Thank you!

The weeks are flying by and the children have continued to work really hard! The children are super proud of themselves this week, as we have thrown so many challenges at them, and they have shown a positive attitude and tackled them head on! Story writing and PE have been highlights this week!

Ellie-Louise has enjoyed writing about the adventure of the Egg-Box Dragon this week and learning to tell the time in Maths, as well as playing dodgeball in PE with Lizell. Emily-Rose has loved learning to tell the time this week and has written a fantastic story about her Egg-Box Dragon's adventure! Darin loved telling us his Egg-Box Dragon adventure, and we worked together to write a narrative about it! Charlotte has enjoyed telling the time to the nearest five-minute interval, writing her story and sketching in Art. Kyan has loved everything this week, in particular writing about his Egg-Box Dragon and having a sketching session where he learned how to sketch and applied what he had learned in his sketchbook! Jasper has really enjoyed learning to tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes and absolutely loved mixing colours and sketching LS Lowry's painting in Art. Sophie. Hollie. James has enjoyed Art, writing his story of the Egg-Box dragon (where he wrote two pages!) and telling the time to the nearest five minutes. Omar loved sketching LS Lowry's painting and showed off his super skills, as well as telling his Egg-Box Dragon adventure! Sonny has enjoyed playing the drums in Rock Steady and drawing his LS Lowry picture. Alex has really enjoyed lots of things this week, including his guitar lesson and showing off his sketching skills when drawing his LS Lowry picture. Alex has also written a detailed story about the Egg-Box Dragon, which he presented beautifully. Alfie has enjoyed Maths and English this week, he told an adventure of a Dragon who visited a cake shop and stopped some thieves from stealing the goodies! Carys has loved PE this week, she was the last person in her team for one of the rounds! Madeline has enjoyed dodgeball in PE, Art, English and Maths where she has shown us so many skills! Arya has loved PE with Lizell and writing her Egg-Box dragon adventure where she used some fantastic vocabulary to depict her adventure! 

Have a wonderful weekend and try and stay dry!
Thunberg Class