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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 19th March 2021

Your Talk Homework this week is to talk to your adults at home about measuring length and height. We measure in cm and m - what are these? What can we use to measure in these units? How many cm are in a m? Can you find some objects around the house that you can measure in centimetres? Which objects might you measure in metres? We look forward to hearing about what you find out!

What a fabulous week we've had, ending on a super high as we are all dressed up as our favourite Fictional Superheroes and real life Superheroes! Arya has enjoyed dressing up and making her own story. Carys has enjoyed our topic learning this week as well as PE! Alfie has enjoyed our English learning this week where we have been planning our own stories! Alex has loved planning his own story in English and playing football at breaktime. Sonny has enjoyed playing football and making his own story map. Omar has loved PE this week, we played football! James has enjoyed planning his own story and has loved our Maths topic of Measurement - as well as everything else we have done this week! Hollie has enjoyed our maths learning this week about Length and Height - we measured to see if a bus would fit in our classroom and outdoor area - it would be a bit of a tight squeeze! Sophie has enjoyed everything this week - she has particularly enjoyed English and describing the characters in her story! Jasper has enjoyed learning about the Titanic this week, including making a messy map of its doomed journey! Kyan has enjoyed our PE learning this week and playing football. Darin has enjoyed our Maths learning this week. Charlotte is particularly happy today dressed up as a Dinosaur Researcher and has enjoyed planning our story. Emily-Rose has enjoyed measuring this week! Finally, Ellie-Louise has loved making her own characters for her own story! 

One more week to go, lets keep up the hard work before we can all enjoy a well-earned rest!

Have a lovely weekend,
Thunberg Class