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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 16th April 2021

Your talk homework this week is to look around your garden for different types of flowers and plants. Can you see any seeds and bulbs? Talk to your adults at home about how we look after plants - what do they need to survive? We look forward to finding out about what you have seen at home!

Welcome back to the final term of year 2! We hope that you had a restful break. It has been so lovely to be back in school with the children, and we have loved being able to mix with our year 2 friends in Sessions class.

Arya has enjoyed learning about our new Power of Reading text - we explored some clues from a story bag and tried to piece together what the book might be about and the children had some amazing ideas! Carys has enjoyed learning with her friends, and absolutely loved planting tomato seeds on Thursday - we even got to eat the leftovers! Alfie has enjoyed measuring things in Maths this week and our English learning. Alex has been working really hard this week to improve his writing - we are so proud of how much he has enjoyed his learning. Sonny has enjoyed being back with his friends, as have all of the children! Omar loved planting the tomato seeds and learning about what plants need to survive. James has enjoyed everything this week and being back with his friends. Hollie has enjoyed exploring our new story, Zeraffa Giraffa and predicting what the story might be about! Sophie has enjoyed writing this week, and has worked really hard to improve the presentation of her written work which we are super proud of! Jasper loved our Science learning this week, and planting the tomato seeds. Kyan has enjoyed our Maths learning this week, and comparing and ordering different lengths and showing what he can remember in our end of unit quiz! Darin enjoyed lots of our learning this week, including PE with Lizell where we learned how to throw a Javelin! Charlotte has loved our new English text and thinking about whether Zeraffa should be shipped to the King of France - we talked about what a 'conscience' is, and how it affects our actions. Emily-Rose has enjoyed English this week, and Ellie-Louise has enjoyed everything this week, including being back with her friends in school.

Attached is next week's home learning should anyone have to self-isolate.

Have a lovely weekend and continue to stay safe.

Best wishes,
Miss Freeman