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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 14th May 2021

Your talk homework this week is to note down what time you go to bed over the weekend, and what time you wake up in the morning. How long have you slept for? Can you write down the time in hours? Or even hours and minutes?! 

What a wet and windy week it's been!

On Monday afternoon, half of the class were lucky enough to walk down to the allotment where we weeded our area and planted some Chard and Kale in the Year 2 plot. The children in school started an investigation to compare two plants, one which has been left without water, and one which has been left without light. The children made predictions about which plant they thought would grow the best. This is an ongoing investigation, and we will let you know how the plants get on!

This week, we are talking about things that we are proud of.

Arya is proud of her English learning this week, where we designed a transportation device to carry Zeraffa from Marseille to Paris - she added lots of labels, captions and extra information onto her design and we loved her presentation about it! Carys was proud to bring in a chrysalis this week, which we have put into a butterfly net and are awaiting the change from caterpillar to butterfly! Madeline is proud of her English learning this week, she had lots of fantastic questions to ask her friends about their transportation device and even remembered to include the question marks at the end of her sentences! Alfie is proud of his learning in lots of areas of the curriculum this week, he loved working with Hollie to plant his bean and to draw how it has changed over time! Alex is proud of his writing this week, he has written lots of detail to describe his transportation device, and we love the detailed picture he has drawn too! Sonny is proud of his hard work at the allotment this week, he loved getting out in the fresh air, digging up the weeds and preparing the patch for new seeds to be sown! Omar has been celebrating Eid this week, we loved his cards and sweeties that he shared with us to celebrate. James is proud of his transportation device that he designed and wrote lots of interesting information about, and has been really super at learning to tell the time to the nearest half an hour this week! Hollie is proud of her Maths learning this week, where she has learned about telling the time to the nearest hour, half and hour and thinking about what the time would be if it were two/three hours earlier and later. Sophie is proud of her learning across the curriculum this week, she really enjoyed our Music lesson where we looked at lots of different types of percussion instruments and thought about how they make sounds, including shaking, scraping and striking the instruments! Jasper is proud of his trip to the allotment this week, where he showed us his own plot, where he has a scarecrow and has made his own bug hotel! He also loved music this week and experimenting with the different musical instruments such as the cymbals, the xylophone and the drum! Kyan is proud of his bean planting this week, we have been writing a bean diary and drawing the growth of the bean every few days, and Kyan's has shot up! Darin has loved his PE learning this week, where he jumped really far in our Long Jump practise! Charlotte is proud of her Maths learning this week, she has been super at telling the time to the nearest hour and half an hour! Emily-Rose is proud of her English learning this week, where she described her transportation device in detail and was brave enough to come up to the front of the class and present her design idea, which we were really proud of. Ellie-Louise is proud of her Maths learning this week, she has enjoyed learning to tell the time! She has also enjoyed PE this week, as well as learning more about Zeraffa in our English learning.

Please see the letter we have sent home about our Maths learning and activities which you can complete at home, which can help support classroom learning in areas such as learning times tables and division facts, as well as play games linked with our learning.

We are hoping that the second half of the class will be able to walk down to the allotment on Monday afternoon, so please send your child into school with appropriate wet weather clothes and shoes as the forecast is still not looking great!

Have a wonderful (and hopefully not to wet and windy) weekend.

Best wishes,
Thunberg Class