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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 1st July 2021

Talk Homework: Look in your kitchen at the kitchen scales and discuss what units of measure we use when we are cooking. Are they the same when measuring out flour and milk?

This week we had a special visitor come to school, Mr Egg Box Dragon!  Claire has been very busy at home. We think he is eggcellent!  George has enjoyed drawing The Egg Box Dragon and then writing expanded noun phrases to describe him. We had to do our best work to show Egg Box himself!  In maths we have started to think about adding weights of objects. Lucas enjoyed this new learning but that's surprising because Lucas loves maths. Imogen liked to think about position and direction in maths too. This morning Ethan D enjoyed his PE when he made the Tucked Dish shape in gymnastics. Kiki enjoyed carrying on with our Skills Builder project. We  have worked in teams to come up with a theme for our cafes. During whole class reading , Thomas really liked to make links between lots of different dragon books. It was a lot of fun when we thought hard to make links between The Egg Box Dragon, The Boy Who Grew Dragons, Cinder The Bubble Blowing Dragon, Room on the Broom, Dragons, There's a Dragon in your Book, Dragon Magic, Dragon Danger and Hector and the Big Bad Knight. Dylan S really enjoyed transition week that gave us all a glimpse of what life in year 3 will be like. Ethan H loved to learn some french with Mrs Gill and with Mrs Anderson.

Enjoy your weekend everyone

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