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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Wk beg 23.11.20

Talk homework: Discuss how transport has changed over the last century

Daily reading 15-20 minutes

NESSY 40 minutes a week, if appropriate

TT Rockstars/Abacus/ Mathsframe/Topmarks (Hit the button) – as often as possible.

Here is this week’s learning. Any additional reading and support would be welcomed.

English – Ug, boy genius of The Stone Age – comparing life in The Stone Age to present day

Maths – Multiplication and division – 8 times tables

Science – Forces and magnets

SDG – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – linked to The Industrial Revolution and train development

RE – The Holy Trinity – The Grace

Good afternoon all,

We really enjoyed our Independent Write this week. Our focus was the text ‘Ug’ and we had to write a postcard from the past comparing life in prehistoric times to the present. What a fantastic job they did.

This week, in Computing, we have learnt how to use ‘Scratch’. They all had the opportunity to explore and play so that next week we can build our own games in class.

We have been working hard all week on multiplication and division. Our focus this week has been the 8 times table. There has been such an improvement in knowledge and confidence from the beginning of this week to the end.

In PE this week, we developed our skills in netball. We were outside practising our throw, pivot and catch skills.

In our global learning, we have looked at steam locomotives and we really learned a lot about The Rocket, The Flying Scotsman, The Mallard and The Evening Star. We started to create a poster to argue which one of them is the best and why.

In Science, we have been exploring magnets. We investigated which materials were magnetic and were surprised by some of our results. 

We have also enjoyed learning our Christmas carol and hopefully we will be able to share it with you somehow. All will be revealed…….

We hope you have a lovely weekend


Rachel Carson