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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 14th June 2023

This weeks spelling focus has been the 'ch' sound at the end of words spelt with 'ture' and 'tcher', such as picture, mixture, moisture, stretcher, butcher, scratcher.

Oh wow, what a week we have had!

The children have wowed us as we have revisited calculations in maths, where the children have used their partitioning skills and their presentation skills to organise their numbers into columns, add their ones and their tens vertically before putting them back together in order to add two 2-digit numbers together - we are preparing them for the column method of addition, and they have worked so hard to show us their understanding!

In English this week, the children have read a little bit more of our Power of Reading book and predicted what might happen next in the story, 'when the dragon is put to bed under the moonlight'. The children have written the next part of the story, telling us the adventures of their own Egg Box Dragon's and we are so proud of their writing. They have included lots of descriptive language, added conjunctions to extend their sentences, and have used gold standard handwriting to present their stories beautifully. The children are so proud that they wrote their stories up in neat for us to display on our excellence boards!

We have been learning about the Jewish Faith and enjoyed an introduction to the religion on Tuesday. Henry B brought in a Menorah for us to look at and discuss, as well as his Kippah, which Jewish people wear to pay their respects to G-d, thank you for sharing this with us!

In Science the children enjoyed sorting and classifying objects in different ways, such as the materials they are made of and some of the properties that they have.

Next week is Science Week!

The children will be conducting an investigation into what materials make Rocket Mice fly well - we will need some 2L plastic bottles to carry out our investigation so if you have any at home, please bring them in on Monday!

We will also be creating our own collaborative collage when we link our Science learning with our RE learning, thinking about the sacredness of Earth, and learning about Tu B'Shevat. We will be using recycled materials to create a forest collage - if you have any recyclable materials that are green/brown in colour going spare, please send them our way on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Freeman, Mrs Farmer and the Year 2 Team




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