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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Year 4

Year 4 classes

Reading - 15 minutes everyday

Spelling test - Monday 

Multiplication quiz  - every morning   / TT Rockstars - practise at home

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  • 16.02.24

    Published 13/02/24, by Melanie Anderson

    Please remind your child to bring in a pencil, pen (if they have a pass), glue stick, whiteboard pen and a ruler.

    Spellings: magician, dietian, muscian, policition, physician, beautician, technician, electritian, mathematician, optician, they're (they are)

    TT Rockstars 5 -10 minutes daily

    Reading - 15 - 20 minutes daily

    Maths - a) 120 divided by 10    b) 12.3 divided by 100       

    Their Maths assessment results have been given out and there will be another assessment next half term.  Please help your child to practise the question they got incorrect.

    We have a fun week finishing off our pulleys in DT and our weave in Art.  We have also entered a poetry competition - so fingers crossed.

    Hope you have a super half term.

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  • 09.02.24

    Published 09/02/24, by Melanie Anderson

    Spelling: expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, impression, obsession, procession, omission, conclusion, their.

    TT Rockstars - 8 minutes

    Reading - daily 15 minutes

    Maths -

    12 x 10 =   

    120 x 10 = 

    1.2 x 10 =

    Our week has been dominated by our amazing Roman Day.  Thank you to all parents and carers for the fabulous costumes.  The children visited a Roman town and experienced the amphitheatre, the baths, the aqueducts, training in a Roman army and eventually at the market we tasted olives, balsamic vinegar, grapes and flat bread.  A special thanks to Florence and her mum for supplying us with an bread made using an authenic recipe.  It was a delicious treat!




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  • 02.02.24

    Published 02/02/24, by Melanie Anderson

    Spellings - invention, action, completion, nomination, injection, hesitation, stagnation, migration, communication, selection.

    TT Rockstars - keep practising!

    Reading - 20 minutes a day to yourself, to someone else, to your pet.

    This week, we walked down to the Marina and looked at the river nearby.  We show many features and show lots of physical and human features on our walk.

    In DT, we have made pulleys to help as understand how the Romans were able to build their powerful empire.

    Roman Day is on Wednesday 7th. It will be a fun day to explore the lifestyle of the Romans.  It would be great if you could help the children dress in Romanesqe clothing. Please do not buy anything new, a T-shirt with a scarf will be super. 

    Many thanks for all your support.


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  • 26.01.24

    Published 25/01/24, by Melanie Anderson

    Spellings - automatic, cause, author, launch, applaud, haul, autumn, astronaut, audience, August, their 

    TT Rockstars - 15 minutes a week

    Reading 20 minutes daily

    Our work on the water cycle this week involved creating our own water cycle and concluded with a practical session with Anglian Water where we made our own sewage.

    We have experienced the fighting skills of the Roman Army as opposed to that of the barbarians and how it was not a fair fight.


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  • 19.01.24

    Published 19/01/24, by Melanie Anderson

    Spelling words: breath, business, caught, difference, exercise, extreme, medicine, possession, thought, although

    TT Rockstars - there is a tournament against Y3 starting on 21st January.

    Reading - 20 minutes a day.

    This week, we have had practical erosion experiment to see how rivers change the landscape.

    In DT and History, we designed a pulley to help build a Roman town.

    In Science, we explored how evaporation happens via heat and humidity.

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  • 12.01.24

    Published 10/01/24, by Melanie Anderson

    Some children have been enjoying practising their spellings at home and their scores are improving. Therefore, going forward, all spelling sheets need to be completed and handed in on Mondays.  Spelling words ought to be practised for 5 minutes a day - a column.

    Spelling words: serious, obvious, curious, hideous,  spontaneous, courteous, furious, various, victorious, gaseous, threw

    TT Rockstars - 15 minutes at least 3 times a week.  We will be looking at progress in class.

    Reading - 20 minutes daily, preferably reading aloud to an adult.

    Maths  - Here is a recap on this week's Maths.  It is optional, but if children bring the answer into school they will receive a house point.

    This week





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  • 05.01.2024

    Published 05/01/24, by Melanie Anderson

    The children have had a productive start of his half term and made good choices.

    Please remind your child to bring in the following statinery to school - pencil, ruler, glue stick and whiteboard pens.

    Spelling:  merriment, happiness, plentiful, penniless, happily, prettiest, nastiness, beautiful, pitiful, silliness, whole.

    TT Rockstars - tournaments now back on!  There is one for Year 4s only and another one between Yr 4 and 5.

    In Art, we are learning about weaving and we had an opportunity to create weave using paper.

    In English, we have started a new CLPE reading book and it has been interesting been introduced to the new characters.

    We enjoyed recapping on co-ordinates in Maths this week.


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  • 19.12.23

    Published 18/12/23, by Melanie Anderson

    Spellings for testing on Monday 8th January: courageous, ridiculous, outrageous, disadvantageous, nervous, carnivorous, famous, rapturous, adventurous, tortuous, wait

    TT Rockstars - new tournament has started between Joplin and V.Williams class.  

    Reading - Year 4s have done amazingly well and reached their target this term.  So at Christmas, relax and read a book.  This will help you get ready for your new target next term.

    Thank you again to all parents and carers for helping with the costumes and props, the performance would not have been so successful without your help.

    We had another successful evening at church at our annual Carol service; everyone who attended performed beautifully.

    We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable holidays.  See you in the New Year.


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  • 15.12.23

    Published 11/12/23, by Melanie Anderson

    Spelling: poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, marvellous, perilous, tremendous, enormous, jealous, precious, disastrous


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  • 08.12.23

    Published 05/12/23, by Melanie Anderson

    Spellings: expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, suspension, exclusion, provision, explosion, erosion, invasion, February.

    TT Rockstars.

    Year 4 have had a super busy week.  In Science, we started to learn about the food chain. 

    In Art, we created our design in readiness for our printing next week. 

    In Maths, we consolidate our knowledge in division and recognised that quotient and divisor are interchangeable.

    From our English reading book, we are writing a diary entry as one of the main characters.

    Have a good weekend.


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  • 01.12.23

    Published 01/12/23, by Melanie Anderson


    At home - TT Rockstars and Reading (AR targets)

    We have practised our performance with Year 2.

    In English, we are using our vocabulary on emotions to describe how the main protagonists might be feeling.

    In Maths, we are learning how to use our division calculation to solve word problems.

    We visited Elfridges and had fun choosing our presents.



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  • 24.11.23

    Published 24/11/23, by Melanie Anderson

    Spellings : chef, chalet, machine, brochure, parachute, chute, chaperone, chandelier, crochet. 

    TT- With the new school mathematician mammoth, things are getting exciting on a Friday, lets increase our speed in year 4 and get practising. Please remember in year four part of our homework is to do TT rockstars 3 times a week at a minimum. 

    Talk homework: Thinking back to our practical model of the digestive system, can you name all seven parts of the digestive system we learnt about and what each part does. 

    Reading: Please take the time to participate in reading to an adult for a recommended 5 minutes a day.  

    We have had fun in Science, watching a piece of weetabix going through the digestive system.

    In Maths, we have started to learn about short division.

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