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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Week beg Mon 10th June

Please remember to practice your spellings, read for an AR quiz and complete your homework

Anyone who made it to the circus Tuesday will know the pupils have a real treat this week. On Wednesday,  Year 5 had the opportunity to explore the circus skills and equipment, which was a lot of fun! 

In Art this week, we looked at our focus artist - activist and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood – and began to generate some motifs to apply to our upcoming batik. Pupils have been exploring symbols that can have global meaning as well as simple patterns and tessellations. This also continues to link with our Geography learning about fast fashion. 

In Maths, we've been looking at translation and reflection of shapes on a graph. Next week, we'll begin our second unit on decimals. They've also been working really hard on their narratives - a continuation of Chapter 6 of When the Sky Falls and they're producing some wonderful descriptive pieces. 

Next week is Science Week. Can we please ask that pupils bring in a 4 or 6pt plastic milk bottle on Monday for an experiment. On Thursday, we have a 'dress down day' linked to their chosen scientist. However, please can they come to school on Wednesday knowing who they will be coming as because they'll be researching their field of science on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend, 

Mrs Schmidt and Mrs Anderson