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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Year 3

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  • Friday 1st December 2023

    Published 30/11/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: limited, gardening, listening, listened, developed, gardener, covering

    Talk Homework: Can you tell your friends and family what infrastructure, innovation and industry is? Can you tell them about your innovative city design?

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  • Friday 24th November 2023

    Published 24/11/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: misunderstanding, mislead, misplace, misuse, mistake, misbehave

    Talk Homework: Can you find some adverts or leaflets and identify some persuasive features within them?

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  • Friday 17th November

    Published 17/11/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: This week we followed instructions to make a sandwich. This weekend, can you try to give instructions to someone at home to make a sandwich? Don't forget your imperative verbs.

    Spellings: disagree, disapprove, disappoint, dislike, disadvantage, disappear

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  • Friday 10th November 2023

    Published 10/11/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: redo, revenge, return, reaction, reappear, redecorate, replay

    Talk Homework: Can you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of railways? Can you name some local train stations? Do you know which major cities these stop at?

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  • Friday 3rd November

    Published 03/11/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: actual, circle, bicycle, fruit, enough, answer, often

    Talk homework: Are you confident with your 3 x table?

    Remember to read your AR book at least 3 times a week

    Please go on TT Rockstars

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  • Friday 20th October 2023

    Published 20/10/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: creature, adventure, sculpture, nature, picture, future, mixture

    Talk Homework: How many different types of rocks can you find over the holidays? Can you classify them?

    Have a go playing hit the button this half-term --> 

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  • Friday 13th October

    Published 12/10/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: closure, treasure, measure, leisure, pleasure, pressure, exposure

    Talk Homework: Tell your adults how you investigated the properties of rocks and what you discovered.

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  • Friday 6th October 2023

    Published 06/10/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: mystery, symbol, gym, system, lyrics, Egypt, myth

    Talk Homework: Using these letters 'L, E,T,R,S,A,P'

    There are more than 70 words in here. How many can you find? Can you beat your adult? Maybe you can work together to spot as many as possible. Good Luck and enjoy.

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  • Friday 29th September

    Published 29/09/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: When you are at home or out and about this weekend try to find as many rocks as you can and identify their purpose.

    Spellings: encourage, trouble, touch, double, young, enough, cousin

    TT Rockstars

    Read your AR book to take a quiz next week!

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  • Friday 22nd September 2023

    Published 22/09/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: trout, mouth, around, shout, house, found, proud

    Talk Homework: Share your facts about Klimt, can you find out about any other abstract artists? Or even find some abstract art in your home or community?

    Science (Twig Reporter): 

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  • Friday 15th September

    Published 15/09/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: Tell your adults how sedimentary rocks are formed.

    Spellings: hopeless, enjoyment, sadness, playful, badly, careful

    Science: Look on Twig Science Reporter for a video about Rocks

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  • Friday 8th September 2023

    Published 08/09/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: little, like, they're, there, their, really, some

    Talk Homework: What have you enjoyed most about this week? Share with family and friends the different feelings you experienced this week.

    Twig Reporter:

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