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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


Talk Homework: Talk about the event “What on Earth can Buckden Do?”

This week we have started a new book called “Why the Whales Came.” There are three main characters, Daniel, Gracie and The Birdman. We know that the Birdman is trying to make friends with the children (Daniel and Gracie) but we don’t know if he’s genuinely nice or if he’s going to double cross them. We’re a bit split about what we think in the class, but most of us think he’s genuine.

We drew pictures of “life under the sea” to start our new Global Learning topic. Before that we talked about what we imagined when we thought about life under the sea, and a lot of us imagined plastic in the water harming the wildlife. We looked at what seas are in Europe and tried to learn where they all are. (Do you know where the Adriatic and White Seas are?)

In maths we have done loads! We recapped how to do column addition, then column subtraction (where we were so good Mr B did his first happy dance of 2020), the we compared different multiplication and division facts (8x3 > 6x3) and THEN we used related facts to help us learn new multiplications (3x6=18, so 3x60=180, and 3x6,000,000=18,000,000). We even had some brilliant scores to start Big Maths Beat That in 2020.

In MindUP today (Friday) we focused on senses, particularly hearing, and we were trying to listen to Mr B while music was playing – very loudly! We had to filter out the other sounds and focus on his voice.

What a busy week!