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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


Talk Homework: What would happen to animals living in Arctic areas if climate change continues at the current rate?

In maths we’ve been doing some division and multiplication. We’ve started to learn how to do a 2-digit number multiplied by a one-digit number. Today we used a number line, a part-part-whole model and dienes to help us. We’re going to practice it more next week.

In English we pretended we were Gracie and wrote to the Birdman. Now we know the Birdman’s name is Zachariah Woodcock and the children have been writing messages to him in the sand. It is a little suspicious though that they saw him rowing to Samson, even though he’s told everyone else not to go there, and he ignored them when they shouted to him. Also, World War 1 has just started in our book.

In Topic we have learned about bays and headlands and how they were made (ask your children what the difference is between them). We also learned about a few other coastal features; do you know what a stump, a stack, an arch, a cave and a fault are.

PE was also to do with Life Under the Sea, we chose to dance like animals that live in the sea and we went into groups to move like animals swimming together. The main animals picked for the group work were seals and dolphins. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to build this up into a full dance.