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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Muhammed Ali


Here are a few activities you can complete at home during the school closure.

Year 4 home activities


Practise telling the time and converting time between analogue and digital 12- and 24- hour clocks.

Money – any practise with money using pounds and pence, talk about giving change.

Daily reading 


Write a book review for a friend about your reading book. Include; the name of the illustrator and author, explain the plot and the setting, would you recommend it? Who’s your favourite character?

Write a story about you/favourite characters/animals.

Write a letter and draw a picture for someone in a care home.


Any spellings using the prefixes; in-, im-, il-, i-r-, sub-, inter-, super-, anti-, auto-.

Any spellings using the suffixes; –ation and -ous



Rodocodo -

Touchtyping -

Coding -

Skill builder

Design a new book corner to encourage everyone to become a confident reader.

French (Log in – Username - Buckden Password – Starfish)


Learn your lines and the songs.

Global learning

Research migration, British migration, Aboriginal artists.


Recap what you know about sound and vibrations. Plan a soundproof room, think about the materials you would use to absorb the sound.


Mind UP!

Stay safe everyone : )

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  • 09.03.2020

    Published 13/03/20, by Christina Farmer

    We have enjoyed doing ttrockstars this week and doing our times table challenge. 

    We have enjoyed the project where we designed a boat for refugees and wrote a letter to the engineers about it for a competition. 

    We have enjoyed using rodocodo for our programming. 

    We have also enjoyed planning our newspaper report. 

    We enjoyed doing aboriginal art because we got make paintings using dots. 

    We have really enjoyed practising for our play! 


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  • Pied Piper Play!

    Published 12/03/20, by Christina Farmer
    Vocal song tracks are attached to this post. 
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  • Blogs from September to January

    Published 07/02/20, by Christina Farmer
    Friday 31st January Muhammad Ali Blog Abacus. The children can access this resource via the website  Your child’s username is on the slip of paper in their bag. The password is
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  • 03.02.2020

    Published 07/02/20, by Christina Farmer

    In English we enjoyed drawing our seawigs from our book. We have also enjoyed doing a freeze frame scene from the story. We've also enjoyed making our scrip from some of the speech in the story. 

    We've enjoyed going to Hardwick Dene this week and learning facts about WWII. Watching the Le Velo de l'elephant in Dialls. 

    We have also been playing football in PE which we've enjoyed. 

    This afternoon we also got to watch a football match between the our girls football team and another schools. 

    We've been learning about perimeters in maths which was fun when we used cubes to help work them out. 

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