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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Helen Glover




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  • 01.06.20 - Life Below Water

    Published 29/05/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you had a lovely half term.  Our next home learning is based on one of our Sustainable Development Goals; Life Below Water. We learnt about this when we 'went to Australia on the ship'. In your home learning, there are some new things that we haven't learnt that I thought would interest you. There is also an attachment about making a prayer for somewhere else in the world.

    Have a good week,

    Miss Fozzard

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  • 18.05.20 - Food

    Published 17/05/20, by Joshua Palmer


    I hope you are all keeping well. Please find attached 2 documents, the first is for this weeks home learning and the second is to help give ideas of how your children can be supported with their reading.

    There will be no home learning set next week (25th May) as that is your half term.

    We will continue with home learning from the week of June 1st.

    Miss Fozzard

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  • May 11th - SPACE

    Published 10/05/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Hello everyone, We hope you have had a lovely week and enjoyed the sunshine, some of you may have even managed some VE DAY celebrations, if you did we hope you had a good time. Please find attached below the blog for this coming week.

    Take care and stay safe

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  • 04.05.2020 Everyday Heroes

    Published 03/05/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom Moore!

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the tasks that have been set.

    Attached is your work for this week. 


    Miss Fozzard

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  • 27th April - The topic this week - WEATHER

    Published 26/04/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you have been managing to get outside and enjoy the sunshine over the past week and it was lovely to hear how everyone has been getting on when I phoned.

    Please find below some activities for you to complete over the next week. 

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  • Home Learning - Plants and Animals. 20/04/20

    Published 19/04/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Hello everybody,

    I hope you have a had a lovely 2 week Easter break and got up to many outdoor activities in the sunshine.

    Attached is your home schooling for this week, it is all based on plants and animals.

    Have fun,

    Miss Fozzard


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  • 15th April

    Published 15/04/20, by Joshua Palmer

    I hope you are all well and are having a good Easter. Please find below an 'April calender' of possible activities you may want to do, all associated with improving your happiness and well-being

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  • 06.04.20

    Published 05/04/20, by Joshua Palmer

    What lovely weather we have had over the weekend!

    It is now your Easter Holiday! I won't be setting you any new school work. Please feel free to keep logging on to TT Rockstars and Power Maths and maybe join in with Joe Wicks PE lessons in a morning.

    Maybe over the holiday you could spend some time in your outdoor space creating Easter hunts, scavenger hunts, plant some seeds and play some board games.

    I hope you are all well and staying safe at home,

    Miss Fozzard


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  • Home Learning for the week of 30.03.20

    Published 29/03/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you are enjoying the different home learning activities that Miss Conlong, Mrs Purser and I have set you. Thank you Frankie, who has sent through some of the work that he has completed. This is something that you don't have to do, but if you would like to show me what you have done then please do, send it via the school office and they will send it on to me to look at.

    This weeks home learning activities for are:

    Please continue to log into Times Table Rockstars, play hit the button and multiflyer.

    Continue to use Power Maths to play maths games to help your learning of maths.
    Please log into White Rose Maths, there are lessons linked to our maths curriculum for you to use, each lesson has a video to watch and then an activity for you to complete. This link should take you to the correct page.
    Use the spelling frame website to play different games for your spellings.

    Please continue to read a variety of books, remember, you can read poetry, stories, non fiction, magazines and newspapers.

    Cook or bake a recipe and write the instructions for it so that somebody else could make it. If the recipe is for 4 people, what would it be for 8 people? What about 12 people? Can you convert the grams into kilograms?
    Design and draw a birdseye view of a sustainable city, remember back to our research of Vancouver, San Francisco and Singapore, try include some of their ideas into your city.
    Make a model of one of the buildings from your sustainable city, use recycling where you can.
    I hope you enjoy your week,
    From Miss Fozzard
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  • 20.3.20

    Published 20/03/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Here are some learning activities tha will keep you busy next week. Look back here next week for more learning.




    • Use Rodocodo online to practise your coding skills:


    • We have updated Power Maths so that you can play a variety of games that will recap what you have learnt.


    • Read a variety of books, be ready to summarise your favourite to discuss when we come back to school.


    • What can we do in Buckden to make us a more sustainable village?


    • Watch a Newsround programme and write a report around what interested you.
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  • 13.03.20

    Published 13/03/20, by Joshua Palmer

    On Tuesday, we had a visit to Buckden Library where we looked at the different books and some of us were able to take some home to read.

    We wrote a diary entry in English, we used loads of detailed description including personification, metaphors. Miss Fozzard was really impressed with all of them.

    We have written scripts for a news report, Mrs Heather and Miss Fozzard filmed them.

    We have learnt about fractions: adding, simplifying, improper fractions, mixed numbers, subtracting and multiplying.

    In Global Learning we have researching about San Francisco, Vancouver and Singapore because they are sustainable cities and we have been finding out what they do to be sustainable.

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  • 24.01.20

    Published 24/01/20, by Joshua Palmer

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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