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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


In English we have got a new Power of Reading book, which is called the Town by the Sea. In the book there are people that go mining under the sea. We have researched about mining and have learnt the dangers of working in a coal min underground, one being that the mine could collapse and you could get buried alive! We also found out that 15,000 miners are killed every year from accidents which happen when they are working, mining is such a dangerous job but you do get paid a lot of money for it.

In Mind Up we have learnt about being a mindful person. We mind mapped all the people that are mindful towards us and then we learnt how we could be a mindful person to others.

In maths we have started unit 3 which is addition and subtraction with over 4 numbers. We are using the column method to do this.

In Global Learning we have been looking at artefacts these are inventions from the past and we were looking how they have been evolved over the years. The telephone was very interesting, it was much bigger than we expected. There was a big pot that people thought that it was a large soup bowl  but it was actually a chamber pot (a potty to be used at night).

In PE we have started to learn about hockey, we learnt some dribbling skills.

In DIALLS we watched a film called Papa's Boy, and our discussions were listened to by Cambridge University and they thought they were fantastic!

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