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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


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We have been creating poems about our ocean levels rising because of all the damage we are doing to our planet, here is Violet and Lauren's thought provoking part of our poem.

Shhh! Down the river goes, overlapping the land,

Tree to tree, house to house,

People scream and shout,

The river is being let out,

Plants overflow, creatures scream, and hiss,

This is the end to the everlasting bliss!

We have been researching about The Great Barrier Reef, and have started to create an information page all about it, in the picture you will see Charlie's information page.

We have visited Bletchley Park, we cracked codes, we learnt what an Enigma machine did and we found out about all sorts of different codes, we had fun trying different hats that they would have worn during WW2 and we learnt that people that worked there were mostly women. Some of us stood where a bomb landed during the war. Once the war ended they could go back home but couldn't tell and friends or family what they did while at Bletchley Park, for 30 years they kept it all secret. People used to  make fun of them because they had to say they had to stay at home.

In DIALLS we have watched The Hedgehog in the City, it was all about the community and what we can to help improve a community.