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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Rachel Carson



World Book Day Poetry.

Happy World Book Day!

We chose to perform 'The Ocean's Blanket' by Carol Ann Duffy. It is a poem of contrast that links to the book we are reading this term - The Varmints.

It also links beautifully to our previous Global Development Topic - Life below water, where we looked at the wonders of the Ocean.

We hope you enjoy.

Rachel Carson

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  • Crib Sheets for MS Teams

    Published 13/01/21, by Christina Farmer
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  • 28.05.21

    Published 28/05/21, by Christina Farmer

    In English we finished reading Lob. Before we finished it, we wrote how we thought it would end. We had to plan it before we wrote it, it was very fun.

    We have really enjoyed DT this week. We have been making cereal bars and packaging. In DT today we were cooking our cereal bars.

    In science we have enjoyed learning about different religious food and drawing them.

    Today we had a carousel of activities while some groups were baking. There were some code breaking activities, word searches, a fun game and a French activity.

    In PE this week we’ve been playing rounders against Sylvia Earle.

    On Wednesday we went up to the field and planted some bee bombs, seeds and bee houses. It’s part of our pledges for Blue Peter’s Green badge. As a class we are turning off lights and electronics when we have finished with them or leave the classroom. Some of us have chosen to turn off electronics at home when we have finished using them, or to swap 30 minutes of screen time for outdoor time. Our other pledge is to either, swap plastics to reusable wrapping or to help sort the recycling so we stop getting dirty recycling in our recycle bins. We have already planted pollinating seeds as a pledge but some of us want to eat vegetarian meals once or twice a week as well. We hope you will join in with us while we are doing this.

    Have a wonderful half term,

    Rachel Carson

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  • 21.5.21 Blog

    Published 21/05/21, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: Share some of your healthy cereal bar ideas with someone at home.

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  • 14.05.21 Blog

    Published 14/05/21, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: to discuss your science investigation with someone at home and what you think it is going to look like on Monday. 

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  • Blog 07.05.21

    Published 07/05/21, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: To try and use the ambitious vocabulary we learnt today (Friday).

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  • Blog 30.4.21

    Published 30/04/21, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: Discuss the 'Green Man' with your adults at home. Can you spot any Green Man carvings during the bank holiday weekend?

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  • 23.04.21 Blog

    Published 23/04/21, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: Think about what Sir Robert Peel could have done to help Ireland. Share some thought with your adults. 

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  • Big News - 23.4.21

    Published 22/04/21, by Christina Farmer

    WE ARE SINGING AGAIN! We have been doing singing assembly outside. The children have loved it sooo much (and so have the teachers). We've been practising some old favourites and learning some new songs too .... Bumble Bee seems to be a favourite. 

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  • 16.04.21 Blog

    Published 16/04/21, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: To discuss the difference between being a little bit hungry and having real hunger. 

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  • 26.03.21 Blog

    Published 26/03/21, by Christina Farmer

    This week we have been working really hard. In English we have finished Varmints and written a story which continues from the end of Varmints. 

    In maths we have been working on fractions. We are getting pretty good at saying the fraction as we write it (the shape is split into 4 equal parts, 1 part is shaded). 

    In science we have been learning about how plants disperse their seeds and which plants do this. We have also finished looking at our investigations on how water moves in plants and what plants need to grow. We were very surprised at how blue our celery turned in the water investigation. 

    In PE we have enjoyed the fitness games we have learnt. 

    We have also been thinking about how cities are sustainable and what we can to do to help be sustainable. 

    We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday and gets to eat lots of chocolate eggs. 

    Rachel Carson

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  • Blog 12.3.21

    Published 12/03/21, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework - Practice telling the time on an analogue clock to and past the hour in minute and 5 minute intervals. 

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  • Home Learning 01.03.21

    Published 28/02/21, by Christina Farmer

    All resources will be on MS Teams. 

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