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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Rachel Carson

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  • Crib Sheets for MS Teams

    Published 13/01/21, by Christina Farmer
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  • Home Learning 18.01.21

    Published 15/01/21, by Christina Farmer

    All resources needed are on MS Teams. 

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  • w.c. 11.01.21 Home Learning

    Published 08/01/21, by Christina Farmer
    Thank you for your patience with our first week on teams. There were a few teething issues but I think we've sorted most of them out. I think I have found a way around the children writing over each other's work, we'll see how it goes
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  • Updated Live Lesson Home Learning 08.01.21

    Published 08/01/21, by Christina Farmer
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  • Starting From 07.01.21

    Published 06/01/21, by Christina Farmer
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  • 04.01.21 Home learning

    Published 04/01/21, by Christina Farmer

    Please find home learning attached below. 

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  • 18.12.20

    Published 18/12/20, by Christina Farmer

    This week we have really enjoyed doing art. In art we were making Christmas cards by using coloured inks to make either Christmas trees or snowmen. We printed our cards. 

    We have also enjoyed reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We are hoping to finish it today! 

    This week we have enjoyed making our trains in DT. We stuck them together by using sellotape and we used wooden wheels, wooden axels and a cardboard base. We used junior hacksaws to cut the wood to the right size. 

    We also had a surprise today which we enjoyed. 

    We have been using our maths skills to complete some maths colouring which we loved doing. 

    We also got to watch the Christmas Carol Concert, it was really good. Last week we went to church to record our song for it, it was fun. 

    We have made LOTS of mess this week! But we have been great at tidying it up. See the pictures below. 

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year 

    From Rachel Carson


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  • W/C 30.11.20

    Published 04/12/20, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: Learn our carol (See amid the winter's snow). Design a eco Christmas hat and bring in recycled materials on Monday so we can make it. 





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  • Wk beg 23.11.20

    Published 30/11/20, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: Discuss how transport has changed over the last century

    Daily reading 15-20 minutes

    NESSY 40 minutes a week, if appropriate

    TT Rockstars/Abacus/ Mathsframe/Topmarks (Hit the button) – as often as possible.

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  • W/C 09.11.20

    Published 13/11/20, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework - To explain why water is important to Christianity. 

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  • W/C 03.11.20

    Published 06/11/20, by Christina Farmer

    This week we have enjoyed making poppies for our school remembrance display. 

    We have also enjoyed English because we are also learning about the Stone Age as we find out what Ug is up to. 

    We enjoyed sewing before half term and are looking forward to doing it again so we can finish our book marks. 

    In maths we have been learning about inverse and trying to check answers to additions and subtractions using inverse. 

    We have started a new topic in Science which is all about forces and magnets. 

    We have also done some tests which some of us found fun. 

    Have a lovely weekend, 

    Rachel Carson 

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  • W/C 19.10.20

    Published 23/10/20, by Christina Farmer

    This week has been good but we're all ready for a break. 

    In maths we have been practicing adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers to and from 3 digit numbers. We're starting to get pretty good at it. 

    In English we've been describing an object or place related to nature. We had to use figurative language in it. 

    The best part of the week has been working on our cross stitch. We've been working hard on making sure it's neat and we don't get our thread knotted up.

    We hope you have a lovely half term and come back well rested. 


    Rachel Carson 


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