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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 17th June 2022

Spellings: television, leisure, measure, decision, usual 

Talk Homework: How many animal facts can you remember from the zoo and share with your family/friends?

This week has been amazing. Our highlight was our amazing trip to the zoo. We saw baby meerkats, otters being fed, a parrot show and so much more! We really enjoyed watching the sea lion show where we watched a sea lion doing tricks... even a handstand! We also loved the road safari where we saw lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We couldn't believe it when we saw the real life Zeraffa Giraffa playing with his friend Casper! Yesterday we started working on our recount of the trip, we really enjoyed sharing our experience with the class and reliving the day, filled with smiles! In PE we have been working on our team building skills and cricket. 


Lola- 'I loved the zoo, it was so cool!'

Michael- 'In PE, we did cricket and I nearly hit the ball the whole length of the field!'

Harry and Daisy- 'I really enjoyed the zoo, especially the baby meerkats!'

Connie- 'I enjoyed PE because I hit it far!'

Myia G- 'I enjoyed the zoo, the baby meerkat was so cute but it was sad when it lost it's mum... Miss Bennett's reaction was crazy!'

Zac- 'I enjoyed the zoo and seeing the otters swimming about'

David- 'We saw a wallaby sleeping... Miss Bennett's favourite hobby ha-ha!'

Lily-Mae- 'I enjoyed the zoo when we saw real-life Zeraffa Giraffa!'

Dexter- 'I enjoyed mindfulness colouring'

Natalie- 'I LOVED the sea lion show!'

Hetty- 'I really enjoyed when we were writing about our trip to the zoo!'

Mya- 'I have really enjoyed spending time with our class'