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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


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  • Friday 27th May

    Published 27/05/22, by Joshua Palmer

     Talk Homework

     Talk about all the kinds of agreements we have with people.
     Can you think of any agreements in particular that are two-sided agreements? (sports / games)


     achieve apparent bargain bruise community mischievous muscle necessary vehicle system

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  • Friday 20th May

    Published 20/05/22, by Joshua Palmer

     Talk Homework

    Which items weren't available during the war? Which foodstuffs would you consider essential items today?


     affect effect precede proceed draft draught dessert desert whose who's

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  • Friday 13th May 2022

    Published 13/05/22, by Joshua Palmer

     Together look at your food shopping.
     Where is your food grown? In the UK or abroad.
    What do you notice about where the food is grown.

     Why do some people go hungry?

      Cereal / serial / complements / compliment / principal / principle / stationary / stationery / wary / weary

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  • 06/05/2022

    Published 06/05/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework: Can you explain the difference between the life cycle of a mammal and an insect.












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  • Friday 29th April

    Published 29/04/22, by Joshua Palmer

     Cherry Class have made a fantastic start to the new term.
     I am really enjoying getting to know the class. They have made me feel so welcome.


     This week we have been exploring the different events in our text and creating our own timeline.
     Developing a character profile for Jim and writing character descriptions.


     This week we have focussed on Decimals and Percentages.
     We are working on explaining our work in written form and using the correct mathematical vocabulary.


    Lots of eager discussion and sharing of knowledge as we start to explore  ' Life cycles'.

          Have a great weekend.

          Miss \edwards

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  • Friday 4th February 2022

    Published 04/02/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Darcy has enjoyed doing all the dances in PE from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Amber, Susie, Jack, Jaiden and Finn have all enjoyed experimenting in Science where we were looking at variables in our experiments relating to irreversible changes. Thomas has enjoyed learning about fractions and turning improper fractions into mixed numbers. We have all enjoyed starting our DT project where we will be creating levers, so we can have an interactive poster about Life Below Water. 

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  • Friday 28th January 2022

    Published 28/01/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk homework: Explain how humans can have a negative impact on The Great Barrier Reef and how we could make positive changes. 

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  • Friday 7th January 2022

    Published 07/01/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk homework: Research some ways in which we can prevent the sea levels from continuing to rise at the rate they are.

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  • Friday 10th December

    Published 13/12/21, by Joshua Palmer

    TALK HOMEWORK:  Talk about the true meaning of Christmas.  How do you celebrate Christmas in your homes?

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  • Friday 3rd December 2021

    Published 04/12/21, by Joshua Palmer

    TALK HOMEWORK:  Next week, you will be writing a biography about either Marcus Rashford, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg or Rose Ayling-Ellis.  Choose one of these and research the key events in their life to include in your biography.  Make sure you write down any important dates too.

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  • Friday 26th November 2021

    Published 26/11/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework: Talk about how you might separate a mixture of water, salt and sand.  What equipment would you need to use?

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  • Friday 19th November 2021

    Published 19/11/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk to someone at home about your plans for your board game.  Can you explain to them how to play it?  You might want to start bringing in any materials that you need to make your board game = e.g. card, paper, lollipop sticks, buttons.

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