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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Benjamin Franklin

Friday 29th June

This week Rock Steady came in to visit us. We spent time in a workshop learning about the skills required to play in a band. It was great fun. 

In Maths, we did a two step word problem quiz, using our knowledge of fractions. It was a real brain teaser! 

We also made our own amygdala's. Ask us about their purpose!

In English, we have been researching animals and have written an information text on what we learned. We have also put our editing skills to good use.

In Science, we went outside and looked for invertebrates. We spent the afternoon trying to classify them. 

In P.E, we practised lots of different skills in anticipation of our school sport's day.

We also found out who our new teacher is going to be and where our class is based!!!

Friday 22nd June

What an amazing week we have had. I didn't know we had so many fantastic inventors amongst us. We started the week with a challenge:

To invent a method of transport for Professor Brownstone to transport an important artefact from Scotland to London. 

We had so many considerations to take into account. Would we transport a heavy, durable object? Or would we transport something delicate that was lighter but also more fragile?

The children were split across year 3 and 4 and then made their choices in their new groups. They have spent the last week designing their prototype, creating a poster to convince Professor Brownstone and actually creating, testing and refining their finished product.

The children then presented their ideas to their class teacher and two overall winners were selected to go forward to the next round. We then whittled the six teams down to two who then went in to the final. I am pleased that Olivia and her other team mates came overall third place out of the whole school. Well done Olivia.