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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Everything Environmental

Here at Buckden we always have sustainability in mind. Our School Curriculum is based the United Nations seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, we are always looking at ways in which we can make difference as individuals and as a school community. We are going to use this page to share a little of what we are doing.


We have an Eco-Council that are looking at ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and will keep you informed on this page.

We hope to gain the Eco-Schools award and our Eco-Council will be helping us do this.

Currently, the Eco-Council are working on composting all the fruit waste such as apple cores and banana skins so we can make our own compost to put onto our vegetable and flowers beds.

Plants in the Classroom

Air quality, well-being and aiding concentration are all things we value and research has shown that plants in classrooms help to do this. Therefore, we are also launching 'Plants in the Classroom' initiative after seeing the benefits at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The initiative is being supported by the PTA who have generously given us £30 per classroom to purchase plants.

All classes have a Peace Lily on the recommendation of Father David, as he explained they have been proven by NASA to be one of the most beneficial houseplants for taking toxins out of the air. 

We would be very grateful if any members of our school community were able to donate any plants to the school, as we endeavour to green up our indoor environment.

Each class will have a pair of plant monitors each half-term, who will help to look after the plants and then pass on their knowledge to the next pair.