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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

HSH - Home School Hub

Home School Hub is a new initiative that is being set up so that parents/ carers and families are as fully supported as they can be by school.  We appreciate as a school that communicating with the right people within school can be confusing.  The purpose of the Hub is to enable parents to have a voice in school and be able to talk directly to someone. 

The Headteacher, Senior Leaders and Classteachers do not always have to time to speak straight away to parents, and it may not necessarily be these members of staff you would want to talk to. The academy acknowledges this and have therefore set the Home School Hub with dedicated members of staff who will available and able to support parents with whatever their queries are.  They cover a wide range of expertise, including Designated Safeguarding Persons, and hopefully will be able to deal with all queries. 


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Soft Start 

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Healing Together Programme

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Family Support 

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Helping Your Children Academically 

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Supporting Families with Behaviour at Home 

We recognise that at times families may need support with behaviour of children at home/out of school.  Leanne Martin, our Education Inclusion Family Advisor,  is a key avenue of support that can sign post parents to support that is available within the local community.

Michelle Dunford, here at school has a wealth of information that she can provide and support families with, and she would be a key contact within the Home School Hub to contact to discuss what situations you are facing at home. 

We also have a section within out Well Being and Mental Health page of the website that discusses Zones of Regulation that can support parents in helping develop their child's ability to self regulate. 

This information can be found on the following page:



Parents' Communication Forum
Lunchtime Provision/Enrichment 

As a school we believe it is vital for all pupils to have access to a range of activities, and therefore it was the decision of the trustees to provide enrichment activities for all during lunchtime rather than after school. 

Please click on the link below for further information.